Art of Frizzante - Canei

Our frizzante


Art of Frizzante - Canei

Frizzante Rituals #1

Canei Classic Iced

A new vino frizzante experience

Each time you open a bottle of Canei, think ICE. Take a cocktail glass, your favourite. Put some ice first and top with Canei Bianco or Canei Rosato.

Add a slice of lemon.

Enjoy !

The legend
of House Canei
and its lion.

Legend has it that decades ago Orso Canei, a humble Italian winegrower, who inherited land from his ancestors, struggled to reap the fruits of his hard work. The vines he cultivated, though they were a hundred years old, seemed neither sick nor thirsty, but unfortunately produced little fruit and of poor quality.


The origin of our Lion

Both lord and protector, the lion is excellence and grandeur personified. The king of beasts. It reigns supreme across many tales and legends, and the same is true of Canei. As the story goes, once upon a time there was a humble Italian winemaker who decided to travel to the small village of Canei, located just below his vineyard. He would attempt to sell the last meagre bunches of grapes he had. Alas, he was turned away at every try.

Art of Frizzante - Canei

Disheartened by his bad luck, and tired from the effort, the man sat on the edge of an old fountain. Suddenly, a spout of water splashed the top of his head. He immediately sat up and turned around, but there was no one else nearby. He took a closer look at the fountain. 

Art of Frizzante - Canei

At its centre stood a majestic alabaster lion. The fountain’s sole waterspout protruded from the lion’s mouth, but it was highly unlikely it could have deviated enough from its normal course to drench the man… His gaze fell upon a golden plaque, located at the lion’s base. It read, “Leave me a gift, to give me a start. I protect and bring luck, to those pure of heart.” Unmoved by the fable, the man threw his remaining grapes into the water and walked away. That night, his sleep came in fits and starts. The wind howled across his land and a storm threatened to strike. At dawn, the man went outside to see the state of his vineyards. To his surprise, at the top of the hill stood a regal lion with golden fur. Captivated by his vision, the man tried to approach the lion, but it disappeared as soon as the first rays of sunlight appeared.

Art of Frizzante - Canei

The fabulous

Miracle of the lion

Art of Frizzante - Canei

Stunned, the man looked over at his vines, where the new day’s light revealed a miracle: they were all covered in bountiful bunches of golden grapes, each one juicier than the next. Now, the man was convinced – the lion had kept his word. 

Art of Frizzante - Canei

His harvest was so abundant that he had to ask for help from the entire village to gather it. Once all of the fruit had been transformed into golden nectar, the man went to the village to offer barrels of his precious wine as a gift.

That day, the villagers organised a festival. Together, they celebrated throughout the night. The winemaker decided to adorn his barrels with a golden lion and a shield of grapes, paying homage to his land’s noble benefactor and protector.
Canei wine was born.