Canei is a semi-sparkling wine for everyone who likes to share good moments with friends.
Because, wherever you are. Whatever you do, There is a sparkle in everything!


In 1975, the visionary oenologist Francesco Paschina developed a scintillating new product in the town of Canelli in Italy. It is believed that the best Muscat vineyards in the world can be found in this region. Francisco's plan revolutionised production and technical concepts. His passion and diligence allowed him to transform the traditional winemaking process to produce a new breakthrough product: Canei.


With its sparkling character, accessible taste and moderate alcohol content, Canei was the first wine to appeal to a broader public who were drawn to the precise combination of aromatic tones, invigorating lightness and delicate sweetness. People embraced Canei's refreshing alternative to the consumption of traditional wines. Francisco's discovery gained widespread acceptance and actually changed the way people thought about wine.


A modern look seemed apt to complement the visionary aspect embodied in Canei. A special bottle with an exceptionally long neck was designed to highlight its originality. The traditional cork was also replaced with a twist-off cap, so that exactly the right pressure would be maintained to ensure a perfectly effervescent opening. In no time at all, this new packaging proved to be a major success.